Government & Commercial Discovery and Recovery

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Provider Advantage Service (PAS)


Our Provider Advantage Service finds previously unidentified Medicare and Medicaid claims eligibility on accounts that have been written off.  We manage the process end-to-end, including status claims, denial management and the facilitation of DSH reports. We review 100%, not just a sampling of uncompensated accounts and typically find 7-15% of reviewed result in newly identified eligible claims.

No changes to your current process(es).

Revenue from Self-Pay, Charity, Bad Debt, Liability & Commercial

Captures DSH.

Reduces Bad Debt.

Ensures Timely Filing.

Identifies Spend Down.

“Other companies provide similar services. However, what sets us apart is our level of access and degree to which our proprietary algorithms function."

                     Rusty Ingalls, President and Founder

National Eligibility Verification    Transfer Recovery System (TRS)