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NFV Healthcare Group

5245 Big Pine Way, Ste 101

Fort Myers, FL  33907

Corporate Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1118

Fort Myers, FL 33902

Phone 239-656-0943

Fax 239-656-1385


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The Traditional Role: Our on-site staff assisting your patients. You have full real time access to the HEART system and reports making us fully accountable.


In-Source: you have your own established FAU (Financial Assistant Unit) and want to use HEART, our HEART training services guarantees effectiveness,  staff accountability and increased revenue while decreasing  expenses.


Turn Key: Would like your own FAU  sometime in the future. Set up in our traditional role model, at a specified future date our staff becomes your staff while maintaining  the full benefits of HEART.

“A philosophy to improve requires participation.”


                           Tim O’Connor, Dir Client Services