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At the NFV Group, our leadership is resolute in the commitment to excellence.  We are always striving to improve upon yesterday while continuing to explore New Frontiers in technology, customer service and patient satisfaction.

Jerry W. “Rusty” Ingalls

Founder & President 

Conducting services with honest principles that are patient centered, and community focused form the ideology behind Rusty's healthcare business philosophy.  Since the inception of his legacy company in 1990, through the founding of NFV in 1996 and still today; NFV’s family of employees keep the course in their commitment to providing timely, cost effective, and compassionate care to those they serve by keying in on solutions to financial burdens carried by both the patient and the organization.  When once prompted by a Hospital Journal in asking, “What is the formula for a successful Eligibility Company?”  Rusty responded, “There is no formula for success.  Healthcare is a dynamic field.  One must personally and professionally be able to understand, adapt, implement and convey change rationale.  Every hospital has its own unique challenges as every patient has their own set of circumstances.  You have to treat every client and patient individually by recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, hospital, and organization.”  Rusty has served in leadership roles while being a long-standing member of both the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).   Additionally, Rusty participated on both Medicaid and CMS task forces throughout his career to prompt positive change in services and practice in the Healthcare industry.  Rusty is originally from Louisiana where he earned degrees in marketing, economics, and history from Nicholls State University.  He has resided in Florida since 1990, the birthplace of NFV.

Philip Bramley
Senior Partner

As Senior Partner, Philip Bramley embraces and seeks collaboration with health systems that will improve and customize the services provided by eligibility units.  Philip's unique blend of past experiences include working for a state agency responsible for administering benefits and advocating for hospital patients seeking Medicaid coverage. This valuable experience enables an enlightened perspective when providing guidance and support to eligibility teams within a healthcare setting.  Philip earned a BS degree in Health Sciences from Florida Gulf Coast University.  He is also a former United States Marine where he gained valuable knowledge in organizing and leading groups to achieve common goals.  He resides in Fort Myers, Florida with his wife and three children. 

Gerhard Powell

Vice President​

As Senior Vice President of NFV, Gerhard has over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. His insight and knowledge throughout the revenue cycle have led many providers to achieve their goals and others to significantly improve upon their efforts within specific areas of the revenue cycle. His innovative approach has served providers and vendors alike creating many valuable relationships and friendships over the years within the healthcare continuum. 

Benjamin Keith

Dir. Technical Services

As Director of Technologies and Chief Information Officer, Benjamin Keith brings more than 30 years of experience in the fields of information technology and has a diverse background in both government and corporate settings, with extensive experience in enterprise computing, healthcare systems interface, software development, telecommunications, database technologies, and network securities.  Before joining NFV, he worked with various military and government contractors in the realms of project management, database design, and intelligence systems design.  His experience in the United States Marine Corps in the fields of network engineering, database management, and software development earned him several top military medals and awards.  He currently lives in Western North Carolina with his family.  There are unconfirmed reports that he may be the Batman.


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