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"We achieve elite performance by empowering compassionate staff with sophisticated technology."

                             Philip Bramley, Senior Partner

Knowing there are always going to be changes in healthcare and how healthcare does business, we developed unique Provider Forums inviting providers to voice apprehensions with their current Medicaid eligibility process. We simply ask "What can we do for you?  How can we improve services?  What are your concerns, needs?”  It always proves to be quite a revelation. Providers want, “True partners who share in the risk, reduced cost, efficiencies, expertise, innovation and accountability.”

We ask questions that dig to the core of these hands-on and sometimes labor intensive challenges uncovering otherwise hidden opportunities. Let’s discuss the, “Why?” which then reveals the How and What. Together we assess your current process, frustrations, opportunities, and objectives.  We then tailor a business plan that is cost effective, focused on your goals, and centered around the patients you serve through the Medicaid eligibility process.

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