National Eligibility Verification Solutions (NEVS)

Our Proprietary Software & Processes leads to a more accurate and faster eligibility search.  We look for eligible claims, not eligible individuals. This translates to receiving reports containing only eligible claims, unlike other services that boast high returns of eligible individuals. These services frequently include a high number of ineligible claims that unnecessarily requires additional facility resources to discover. This along with the perceived “reduced” up-front fees can shift costs back to the provider; cost benefits gained through outsourcing may be negated because the provider is often left to complete the underpayment work, pull medical records and make the necessary adjustments.


National Eligibility Verification Solutions

Occasionally, data provided by the facility may conflict with records in the Common Working File.  In these cases, we go one step further, calling the FI/MAC to verify and reconcile the ambiguity.  Other vendors will typically write off such instances as a data error or ineligible for underpayment.

Bottom Line

We have never entered into a contract in a higher position than second or third.  NEVER have we failed to move up in the process.

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